The University of Westminster BA has produced some of the most exciting menswear talents of recent years, both name designers and those working in the industry. It’s so exciting that Westminster is now offering an MA course for menswear under the direction of Ike Rust, allowing an even deeper study and education in one of fashion’s most exciting fields.
— Charlie Porter, Men's Fashion Critic - The Financial Times

MA Menswear Course overview

It is essential in this time of creative ambiguity that we develop and empower the individual. Therefore, this entrepreneurial menswear MA will recruit ambitiously envisioned designers to work on their creative expression through personal research, process development and informed professionalism. 

This course is delivered by the most inspiring and informed menswear design professionals. The team provide a learning environment that is supportive, challenging and defined by students’ application proposals in relation to either a projected or existing opportunity within menswear or the design related industries. Through self-directed and set projects students will generate original and contextualised ideas, technique and process that establishes them as influential and informed menswear design professional capable of working at the highest levels of the international menswear and design related industry.  

In order to define a sustainable career path and effect influence upon fashion, whose boundary is subject to social, economic, cultural & technological flux, it is important for our students to establish their aspirations within the global design context.


MA Menswear Course Content

The taught project-based curriculum will progressively develop students’ confidence in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary context that encourages imaginative, practical and theoretical knowledge to the highest level of strategic and tactical competence. 

Year one: Formative: Self-directed and industry related work aimed at establishing a diagnostic, reflexive and critical approach that establishes each student’s potential. 

Year two: Summative: Self-directed with essential industry related work aimed at developing the highest level of creative thinking, specialized process and professionalism aligned to students’ individual aspirations.