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Jisoo Lee's collection was inspired by the photo book 'Passport' by a Ukrainian photographer Alexander Chekmenev. It was necessary to issue new Ukrainian passports after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Hence, the government sent photographers to old or disabled people who were unable to have their passport photos taken. Alexander is one of the photographers who participated in this project.


In the book, she was interested in characters in their formal tops for passport photos while wearing sloppy sweatpants, underwear or a blanket on their lower body. Bearing such a focus in mind, she wanted to create a new style through mix and match of contrasting styles, materials and colours. With clothes purchased at charity shops, styling inspired by their styles was done, and collage images were developed by mixing those images and changing the proportion.

In addition, inspired by the traditional Soviet styled interior in research images, she mixed vintage curtains, sofa and lace fabric purchased at secondhand shops and eBay with a variety of materials like wool, corduroy, cotton, jersey and nylon, creating a vintage mood using flower and paisley patterns.

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