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My collection emerges from the experience of the displaced Diaspora and presents the internalised microaggressions of the ‘other’. I have retold the story of founding Rock Steady bands, such as The Heptones and Mighty Diamonds, migrating from Jamaica and acclimatizing to the UK. This is achieved through layering textured nylon tulles and silk velvets together that pull and squash, commonplace 70’s garments into familiar impressions of clothing such as western shirts, golf shirts and flared trousers.

The vibrant and bold colour base of my Jamaican heritage is shrouded in tulle. Thus fading my colour palette to show the compromise of cultural translation as a second-generation British citizen. 

Margiela’s SS1990 collection was a driving force to communicate this state of mind. Showing tension between opposing materials, ultimately acting as one complete garment. In this chaos, the waistline is raised, compressing the torso and emphasising broader shoulders. Whilst elongating the leg to exaggerate the traditional 70’s silhouette.

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