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I am D.P.

This is my gender playground.

I was born in a traditional world and assigned as female at birth, but, since primary school, I refused to wear girls' skirt. I cognize, understand, and present myself as male.

My work mirrors my personal conversation with the non-binary spectrum as I negotiate my own identity and style. In this collection, I began to consider the practice of disguising ones' breasts through an exploration of binders while investigating which garments can define me as masculine. That's why I cast female models identifying as male to exhibit this menswear collection.

Therefore, you can see the Physical body as a 「playground」, mix & match with masculine pieces on it. It is a revolution of body-image in contemporary society, whatever it gives you: confidence, fancy impression, even revolt: the more people say you are different, the more you should show to them, you are different.

Just have fun!

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