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DEMOCRACY // LIBERTY // RIGHTS OF PEOPLE An explosive summer of discontent is a curse. May 68 as a starting point for this collection are for democracy, freedom and rights of people which was mainly started in that generation of teenagers. The focus is on those teen's actions and energy behind the revolution. Suffragette was also one of the inspiration and had a strong statement on democracy of women's rights. About the Hand Checks Screen Print - By using a hand screen print technique, I hope that people could feel the moment through the strokes, colours and position of the screen print.

The Message of colour on the print Black Stripe = black ribbon = for those people who died and we respected Yellow Stripe = yellow ribbon = Peace / Hope / Coming Home White Stripe = white ribbon = Reborn Red Pink = Myself = as a female = Woman could be a part of the revolution.

“We are also strong enough to fight for our right.” HONG KONGERS BE WATER

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