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Back in the 1980s, Claude Montana’s passion for geometry in space, the cut of clothes, volumes inspired Yilin in her own work. By researching and studying the legend of Montana, Yilin found the connection between his designs and the works from the sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. There is strong resonance in their works. The bold shapes, the sensitivity of materials, and the pure mood.


Draping and cutting are critical elements in the development process. By researching shirts and suits, Yilin played the art of volume, experimenting the second-hand clothes with deconstruction and adding volume by testing different materials. Without knowing the outcomes, unexpected results pushed and gradually built up the collection. Pleating and cutting were used to balance freedom and sophistication.

Pastel colours, soft and drapey fabrics were inspired by 80s fashion, particularly presented in the drama, Miami Vice. 


Yilin wanted to give new energy to the classic tailoring and brought the Zen, pure, and romantic feeling into this collection to convey her own aesthetic and understanding of the clothes.

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